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7th Day of Pesach

Our Exodus from Eygpt is mentioned numerous times in the Torah. Quite to be expected with this pivotal episode in the creation and existence of our nation. Nevertheless each occasion has a different twist and adds a new layer of insight. However the word “festival” is rarely used twice in the same fashion.

Only the seventh day is an unattached celebration, it is simply referred to as the “festival to Hashem” (Shemos 13:7). The references to the first day have some sort of appendage: It is connected to Matzah “Hashem’s festival of Matzah” (Vayikra 23:7), on another occasion it is linked to recalling our departure from Mitzrayim “This day must be one that you will remember, you must keep it as a festival to Hashem (Shemos 12:14)”­­­­­.

Question One

Why the difference? Why is only the seventh day a pure celebration for Hashem?

Question Two

On no other occasion in the Jewish calendar do we find “last days” of Yom Tov (Shmini Atzeres is a Yom Tov in its own right it is not the last days of Succos). Thus the last day of Pesach is the only Yom Tov where we do not recite the Shehecheyanu blessing. What is different about Pesach that it has a Yom Tov at each end?


There are two types of good. There is good which is relative to evil, and there is another type of good, that which is inherently good. The following anecdote will help illustrate these ideas:

Reb Pinchos Koretz worked on himself for seven years not to speak falsehood. He then worked upon himself another seven years on speaking only the truth. Wait a minute, if after seven years he wasn’t speaking falsely surely he was speaking the truth?

If you would ask Reb Pinchos the time he would not answer “the time is three o’clock” his response was “on my watch the time is three o’clock” likewise when reporting on the weather “when I was outside it was raining”. Thus making sure every word was absolutely true.

On the first day of Pesach we eat Matzah as is well known we were driven from Mitzrayim and had no time to bake leavened bread. This is departure from evil, good as opposed to evil. Matzah as opposed to Chometz. After one week it is time for the “festival to Hashem” good for goodness’ sake.

Questions and Comments

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