Sick in Mind and Body


The body is a sophisticated machine with many different working parts; consequently, it is susceptible to ‎wear and tear. Age and injury will adversely affect the capabilities of this instrument. Often, people who have to ‎contend with the reality of an ailing body, descend into depression. This is a normal response upon ‎discovering they cannot function as they wish. The body is affecting the mind and its mood.‎

A psychosomatic disorder is bodily symptoms caused by mental or emotional disturbance. A ‎person who suffers from anxiety will exhibit bodily symptoms which are the product of their unwholesome ‎psyche. Lower back pain and high blood pressure are examples of physical manifestations induced by stress ‎or an unhealthy mind. ‎

The human mind and body are two forces which constantly affect one another. The source of these ‎influences can originate in either realm, i.e. the mind can persuade the body or vice versa. Awareness of ‎the interactions between the two is crucial in being able to identify behavior and treat illnesses. A ‎competent healer will need to discern if the origin is physiological or psychological. ‎

The body and soul are interrelated in a similar fashion to the mind and body. Pure actions can refine the ‎soul. Conversely, the soul, can influence the body to be positive and to actively do good.‎

Avrohom – the Patriarch – was not opposed to Yitzchok marrying a girl from Aram, despite her upbringing ‎amongst heretics. But, Avrohom vehemently rejected both the local Canaanite girls and the daughter of ‎his righteous slave – Eliezer. What was the difference?

The Ran explains, that the fault of Rivkah’s family was the fact they were ‎non-believers. This failing is not by nature hereditary and would therefore have little bearing on Rivkah and ‎her future offspring. The Canaanites, however, were morally and ethically depraved. They suffered from ‎anger, vengeance, lust and lasciviousness. These traits are passed on to future generations, and thus, even ‎if the particular lady in question was in herself righteous; tragically, she was a carrier of a corrupted DNA. ‎

This is all the more understandable in light of the above i.e. the soul affects the body. The body will ‎transform and contort itself to mirror the soul. Accordingly, just as physical attributes are transferred from ‎parent to child, moral qualities which the body has internalized, are likewise transmitted to its offspring. ‎‎(Belief, however, is not hereditary, it is a purely personal issue i.e. each person is responsible for his or her ‎own beliefs.)‎

Tzoras often mis-translated as leprosy is a malady which appears on the skin of the affected. The skin of a person ‎so afflicted breaks out with a white discoloration. The Talmud explains, that this is a Heaven sent ‎disease which affects sinners. It further proceeds to list seven sins which can cause such an outbreak – ‎chief amongst them is that of Evil Speech. ‎

Tzoras is a corporeal malaise sent from Heaven to remind man to repent. But, it is so much more than just a ‎Divine wakeup call. Tzoras is a physical manifestation of a tainted neshomo. The sullied soul exhibits itself ‎on its host by bearing white blotches. It is a reflection of one’s corrupt ways, the body is radiating man’s inner ‎core. When the person mends his ways and purifies his soul – wherein lies the source of his sickness – his ‎body follows suit and the blotches disappear. ‎

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  1. Very interesting !! dr. Sarno uses that same shita for self healing

    System which I can attest to.

    I suffered from serious back pain for over 30 years until I came to

    A stage where I was totally out of any action for 3 months.

    My doctor recommended an operation, then I heard of dr, Sarno’s

    System whereby one changes there attitude on certain matters

    And becomes completely healed.

    I don’t have time to expand on the subject, but if it interests u

    You can buy his cd at barnes & nobles ותמצא נחת

    All the best Zaidy

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