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Our lives are influenced by the society and environment in which we travel. People who begin to associate with the crasser elements of the public, will lose their previous sensitivity to life and culture. Conversely, those who move around in high society, over time, will have less and less tolerance for coarse behavior.

This concept shapes the attitudes of caregivers, parents and teachers towards their young charges. Children and adolescents are developing their future habits, outlook, behavior and manners. At this critical stage, exposure to the good or the bad, leaves long lasting impressions. Therefore, parents are  selective with whom their children play, and give careful consideration when choosing schools and extra-curricular activities.

The malady of Tzoras can occur on three different locales: a person’s body, clothes or house. Why is a spectrum of diseased items necessary for this Divine message?

Reb Shmuel Ben Nachmeini said in the name of Reb Yochanan: Because of seven things the plague of Tzoras is incurred: 1) Loshon Hora 2) Murder 3) Swearing falsely 4) Adultery 5) Arrogance 6) Theft 7) Stinginess. (Erchin 16a)

Tzoras signals that one of the seven heinous habits or crimes has been committed. There are many permutations of these misdemeanors; for example, one can be miserly in sharing his time to help someone, or, miserly in giving charity.

The striking of different objects indicates which domain in their life warrants correction. When Tzoras afflicts the body, it demonstrates that there is something wrong with the person himself. If their clothes are affected, the message is geared towards the treatment of their possessions – perhaps they are too stingy with their effects, or have sworn falsely for financial reasons.

What is the meaning of Tzoras on the walls of one’s house?

A person’s home is the immediate domain of his influence. Each home has a certain atmosphere which sings to the tune of its residents. The type of music, jokes, media and visitors all contribute to the ambiance and spirit within. Due to vibes emanating from hostesses and their families, we often feel at ease when walking into completely strange homes.

Tzoras on one’s dwelling, is a sign that the house i.e. the environment, needs correcting. The person may be fine, and the treatment of his and other’s possessions may be exemplary, but the atmosphere in which he lives can do with fixing. Tzoras gives that message on the walls of his domicile.

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